Rickshaws on the Foreshore 2003

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This event was the first of its kind. The Rickshaws Club are no strangers to setting up car events as they had previously staged over 30 Hot Rod shows. Due to the old venue being redeveloped and the fact that there is now a good venue in Sydney for an indoor show, the club decided to put on an outdoor event. Held on the foreshore in Newcastle, New South Wales, the venue was sensational. Nobby's Beach was a short stroll away, the town (and pubs) were a few minutes walk in the other direction and there was lots of shade and plenty of space.

Almost 500 cars showed up on the day, and there was still plenty of room for expansion. I have a feeling this event will really take off. Anyways, that's enough BS, here are the cars that took my fancy.


I hooked up with a few friends for the cruise up there. One of them was Luke in his '32 coupe and yes that is a '29 grille out the front.
Here is my lovely chauffeur for the day, Darren.

Some of the fine interior accoutrements of Darren's car. The "King of Kings" kept company by a shrunken head.

In this car, it makes perfect sense.

Another cruising buddy was Anthony in his '57 Pontiac. Luke helped him out a fair bit with putting this car together.

One of the cars we passed on the way up. It's a '36 Ford four door.
Another cruising shot of a neat Model A Tudor.
This was my limo for the day, the "Helter Skelter Swelter Shelter".
No need for a heater in the Chev thanks to 427 cubes of Chevrolet's finest.
The other car we cruised up with was Matt's '52 Vicky. Matt's other car, a flamed '32 roadster has been featured on here before. He is also in the process of building a closed cab pickup. A Model A I think.
Kind of hard to tell in this pic, but this had a heap of metal flake in the paint.

Right next to the pickup was this bright magenta pearl HR Holden.

The event catered for all types of cars, but thankfully there was very little late model stuff there.

Here is the very nicely detailed Holden 6 in the HR.