Rat Rod Day 2003

This was the 4th Rat Rod Day hosted by Nick Rees and Ray Flaherty and the second one I have attended. Those of you that regularly visit my site will have seen those photos already. There are a few cars that were there last year that I also took photos of this year. Normally I wouldn't do that as I am a cheapskate and try not to take too many photos of the same car.

This year though, I was asked to take the pics for Australian Street Rodding Magazine, so I shot off a lot more shots than I normally would, around 70 in fact. I've spread them out over 5 pages so that they (hopefully) won't take too long to load.

I hope you like the pics. They're not all "Rat Rods", in fact, there are probably more shiny cars than cars in primer... but there sure as hell ain't no billet! :)


I got there nice and early this year, around 8:30am. So did Charlie Seaburg and his '34 Coupe.

Black paint, red steelies, baby moons and dress rings. It's been done a million times before, BUT IT STILL LOOKS COOL!

Just outside the gate was this in progress F-350. It looks like it's going to be a very nice build of a "work truck".

I've seen this '32 roadster a bunch of times and it appears on this website quite a few times as well.

One of the cleanest (both in styling and lack of even a spec of dust) roadsters around.

One of these would do me fine!

You don't see too many '38 Coupes in Australia. This one stands out a little more than usual with a unique style and colour of flames.

This severely chopped '35 sedan belongs to Gary Hudson. Now... I know Gary and he's not the smallest bloke around, so I'm not sure how he goes about getting in and out of this car.

I'll have to hang around one day and get some photos of the spectacle.

It looks like Humpy Holdens (FX-FJ) are finally gaining popularity amongst the Hot Rod and Custom crowd again.

For too long they have been the subject of bad customising, poor wheel selection and the wrong ride height.

This one is done with all of the right touches. Frenched headlights and custom indicators, nice low stance, a nice colour and best of all, those cool as S...T cut outs.

But the best part was the small block Chevy with twin side draft Webers.

Now if I could only talk him into uncorking those headers.

This '46 Tudor was also at last year's event. I took a photo then too, but it was from the front. This time I took one from the back.

Looks good from any angle to me. I'd love one of these as a family wagon.

Just a nice clean T-Bird. I think the '57's had the porthole.

About the most "high tech" Hot Rod you'll see on these pages (pixels) today.

Resale Red with a set of polished Americans. Can't go wrong there.

One of my ALL TIME favourite cars and possibly the car that got me interested in early style Hot Rod roadsters is Mark Brownrigg's Model A.

Twin carb flathead, early wires (This time. He also has a set of solids painted the same colour with whitewalls). What you can't see is the leather and snakeskin interior. Cool.

First time I saw this was at the Sydney Hot Rod Show. One of my favourite cars there. Love the colour, which incidentally is off a Subaru Forester.

It was built by Southern Rod & Custom (Geez they do some nice stuff!) and owned by Vince (sorry, can't remember your last name, but it starts with a C).

Don't know diddly about this roadster, but it's got steelies and baby moons, so it must be cool... right?