Quairading Speedway Run
We headed up to Quairading last winter for a speedway meet. This was the coolest looking race car by a long way. I'm pretty sure it's running a Holden 6.
Here's the same midget doing battle with another old beauty. That setting sun was just the perfect backdrop.
This is Alan "AB" Barton's Model A Roadster and "Big Al" Erdman's A Tourer "HOTTUB" in the parking lot. There's something about speedway and Hot Rod's that just go hand in hand.
Here's the same shot taken from a different angle. Wasn't sure which one I liked best so I put them both on.
Here's another shot of AB's roadster but this time out the front of our magnificent lodgings for the weekend. It's an old shearer's shed on a nearby farm.

Don't ask me what I was doing taking photos at sunrise, I think it may have had something to do with the fact that Jim Beam was also on the Run!
Big Al decided he didn't want to get a wet backside in the morning so he parked his Rod in the shed.
This combination was Peter "ripper" Robins home for the weekend. Somehow he managed not to freeze to death during the night, once again due to the presence of Jim Beam!