Quairading Speedway Run 2000

Here's the Quairading track.

Build it and they will come!

Love the view.
Here's my favourite midget. This beauty is now owned by Rex McKay and is a real neat little car. It's usually a little cleaner than this :)
A bit of an arty shot, but there's something about injector stacks that just scream POWER!
These guys have some seriously big cohones!
#23 on the track doing what it does best. These guys love getting these classic race cars dirty. Pity some Hot Rodder's don't think the same!
Here's another neat old midget getting sideways. Not too sure on the details on this one, but it looks neat, so I like it.
A neat Super Mod that was 289 powered. Good to hear the V8 rumble. Apparently the guy started it back in the 60's and it never got finished. Finally it's out on the track.
I reckon one of these on the street would be great. Now if I only turned left...
As the sun sets you get an almost surreal look to the track. The sun filtering through the dust, the colours get tinted by the sunset. Cool...
Not really a vintage racer, but I really liked this photo. You can't help but like Sprint Cars. How the hell do you get something to go really fast around left hand corners on the dirt??? Like this of course!