Powerhouse Motorcycle Museum

Located in sunny Tamworth, home of Australian Country Music and the Big Golden Guitar, this is one of the nicest motor related museum I have ever visited. Every single bike in this collection is privately owned and even more amazingly, the owner has many more in his collection of a similar outstanding quality. What that means is that he can chop and change the display quite easily so that you have to just keep coming back.

Tamworth is about a 5 hour drive North West of Sydney (well more North really), so if you're ever in the area make sure you check this place out. It's only $3 (or maybe $6) to get in, but whatever it is, it's worth it.

Just start heading out of town towards Armidale and you see it on the left hand side of the road. You can't miss it.


It's not real big, but every single bike in there is in absolutely concours condition.

The owner of the collection has someone working full time in a fully fitted out workshop restoring and maintaining these fine machines.

Every one of these bikes is ready to be ridden. Now that is a cool collection.

This lovely piece of machinery from the mother country is a '68 Norton.

If you move the mouse over the pic, you'll see the info sheet for this bike.

Pretty clever huh!

Another lovely bike, this time a Velocette. You've just gotta love any vehicle that has the bodywork finished in polished alloy.

Same deal, hover over the pic to see the info card.

I didn't take a pic of every info card, so I'll just make the rest up.

This Triumph Trophy Trail is the same type of bike that Ann Margaret rode in one of the Elvis movies. I can't remember for sure, but it might have been Viva Las Vegas.

Everybody now... Bright light city gonna set my soul.. gonna set my soul on fire...

This cool looking red machine is a Bultaco, a Spanish company. Apparently back in the good ol' days, they were the machine to beat on the dirt.

I thought this had a pretty cool scallop job on it, so I took the pic.

Turns out it was a pretty good race bike in its day.

This one has an info card.

I like this little Duke mainly because of that interesting cursive type they've used on the tank. Can't remember the details on the bike, but I think it's a pretty small capacity unit.
Now this was a cool Ducati. It was called the "Silver Shotgun" and had the coolest metalflake silver paintjob.
Like I said, check out the flake!

This was a very nice Norton Commando. I think it is a 650.

The Poms sure did build some nice bikes.

This is a "Mike Hailwood Replica" Ducati.

No doubt about it, it's an Italian bike for sure!

You don't see too many Laverdas down in this part of the world.

This is just a nice bright Caafe Racer that I thought looked cool.


I can't remember for sure, but I think this Ducati is also a Mike Hailwood model, although it doesn't have his name on the bike.

Apparently the family wouldn't let Ducati use his name after he died, so the model name has a simple 'MH' at the end of it.

This MV Agusta was the most expensive bike in the collection. Someone had offered the owner $125,000 US for it!

It is a very limited production model and has a lot of carbon fibre and lightweight parts on it.

On the way back from Tamworth I thought I would drop by Werris Creek. A friend of ours grew up out there, so I thought I'd check it out.

As you can see, the place was shut!

I'm also a sucker for old Art Deco buildings, especially cinemas. This one is located in Scone.

I can also now say I have a picture of a Civic on my website. :)