John's Picnic 2004

This is an event that I had wanted to go to for many years, but could never quite get it organised. This time though, I was going there for 'work', i.e. to do a magazine story on the event.

Now I know as well as you that you can't call hanging around with a bunch of your hot rodding mates, taking photos, drinking beer and generally having a good time can be classed as work, but trust me, I worked my butt off!

Not really...

The weekend started off with my man in Melbourne (Corey) picking me up and taking me to his house. Don't worry, the A roadster's not his.
The '32 is though. This was to be my preferred mode of transport for the weekend. Powered by a clapped out old flathead and backed up with a 5-speed, this thing actually gets along alright.
The Weiand (say Why-And) heads and Fenton 2x2 help out a little in the go department.
So we hit the road. Destination...

John's place. Although the 'Picnic' is officially a one day event, John throws a bit of a barbie on the Friday night. It's a great opportunity to check out what he's got going on in his shed and what's new in the shop.

Gotta admit, it's a handsome little roadster.
This is John's roadster, also flathead powered.
And this is John's shop. There's all sorts of stuff in here...
Taillight anyone???
Or maybe some models, signs or number plates...
The T-shirt for this year's event and hiding out behind the counter is the man himself.