Perth Hot Rod Show 2002

Due to a bit of luck going my way for a change, it so happened that I was in Perth for a High School Reunion on the same weekend as the Hot Rod Show. Perfect!

I had not seen the show in its new venue, so I was quite excited to see how the show scrubbed up. I was also keen to see how it all went together without my invaluable input. ;)

I am happy to report that the show is doing just fine without me!


These first few pics were taken during setup on the Friday night. This blown Hemi is the powerplant of John "The Doc" Claydon's Pro Street Willys. This is an all steel car which John originally built and raced in the UK. It has run 9 second quarter miles over there.

I believe it has recently had a bit of a rebuild and will be racing again soon. John's biggest concern was which class he was going to run in as they differ between here and the UK.

Here is Chris Maxwell's Model A pickup. This has now been sold and sports a set of wire wheels and blackwall tyres. You may find this hard to believe coming from me, but I think it's an improvement!
Basil Fogliani's '32 roadster. This very tidy unit was built by Phil Pavicich and flamed by Ray Williams. Only change Basil has done is put the whitewalls on it.
Here's Phil's latest acquisition (at the time), the "Raccoon Truck". It has now gone to Alasdair Campbell.
Tony Gatani owns and built this super cool looking Customline sled. It's an especially amazing job as it started off as a 4 door sedan.
Sure looks a lot more comfy in there than it used to. That cool looking shifter is fitted to a 4 speed toploader sitting behind a warmed over flathead.
The purple and flames sure is a hell of a lot better than the yellow and white two tone it used to be. Put the mouse over the pic and you'll see the "before" shot.
Here's a seldom seen shot of the flames on Glenn John's '57 Cadillac Coupe de Ville.

This little roadster pickup was originally built by Alan Wells. The only original bit of tin on it is the grille shell. The rest of it Alan built completely from scratch.

He's a clever bastard!