Super Model Car Sunday

The Super Model Car Sunday is Perth's own version of an NNL. It's a one day show where the whole purpose is to get car modeller's together, there is no competition and no minimum standard. The only prizes are for People's and Entrant's Choice. This year I was lucky enough to win Entrant's Choice for my Ardun powered Deuce Roadster.

The whole show is put together by Alan Barton, his wife Ute and lots of help from other friends such as Gary Ritchie, Dave McKay and Bruce Laker. All of these guys and myself are also members of Perth & Districts Model Club.

This years show also coincided with a cruise organised by Craig Clements, some of the cars on the cruise are included on this page (Just in case you thought they looked too real!).

I just had to take a photo of this. It looks like Grandad's old HQ but under the hood is a small block Chev and the interior has been updated as well. I'm not sure if he was just running the hubcaps on the day but it worked for me.
Here's another fine offering from General Motor's Holden. This great looking HR Ute stood out like the proverbials. Don't know who owns it but it sure is cool.
Here's my mate Roy Whitchurch's GTS 350 HG Monaro. Roy is on the WAHRP Committee with me and as well as this great Aussie muscle car he also owns a '32 Roadster painted the same Sebring Orange.

Roy has owned this from new and has kept it absolutely immaculate, so much so that it spends most of it's time at the Whiteman Park Auto Museum.
Roy wanted me to take a shot from the rear so that you could see the 4 pipes coming out the back. The 4 tailpipes are a factory option.

You can barely see them in the photo, but trust me, they're there.
...and what page of mine would be complete with a picture of Glenn Johns' awesome '57 Cadillac Coupe de Ville. Even though there is already a bunch of photos of this car on this site, this shot shows off the ghost flames fairly well. Just look real close.
We all know that all good kustoms have a white Tuck & Roll interior, and this is a GOOD kustom.

You can't quite see it in this shot, but the hood lining is also T&R'ed. Koooooool.
Here's a couple of early issues of the Big '32 as well as some of Gary Ritchie's custom bike collection
The Rat Fink Tribute table, complete with custom made sequinned vests!
Here are just some of the Hot Rods on display. All up there were nearly 700 models on display.
Here is just part of one guys Franklin Mint collection. The flames behind the models actually swayed from side to side, great display. These things just about make you wonder why you build models, they are just so good and so well designed.

I guess I could always get one and lower it and repaint it and change the engine and...
Here's a couple of Wierd-Ohs, no I'm not being derogatory, that's what these kits are called. They've all got catchy names like Endsville Eddie and...Oh well, can't remember any others, even though I've got 4 of them in my cupboard!
This is just a very small part of the die cast display at this years show. Most of these little beauties were built by Rob Gras and Dave Whitehead.

These guys do some crazy stuff with Hot Wheels! Check out the Before and After shots.
This is Alan Barton's (the inspiration behind the show) Drag Strip diorama. Most of the kits are his, but he just puts out the diorama and anyone can put their drag car models on display.

Check out the 22Jr roadster in the bottom right hand corner. This kit is awesome.

Alan also has a model of the Niekamp roadster on display at the National Model Car Museum in their Oakland Roadster Show diorama.
This is another one of Alan's dioramas. It's just part of a corner on a speedway track, but with the right lighting it looks really realistic (what a dumb thing to write!).

AB build all of his speedway cars with attitude, wheels on opposite lock, suspension heeled over and HEAPS of dirt!

The thing he likes most about building speedway models is that you don't have to be that fussy, because the real life ones aren't real good either. He of course is mainly referring to Stock Cars and the sort, not sprinters. We all know that they are a serious piece of work.