NHRA Museum - Pomona

After a couple of days in Disneyland we decided to hire a car so that we could check the vast expanse that is Los Angeles. Without a car it's just about impossible to get around, no wonder there is so much traffic!!!

Our first stop was the NHRA Museum out in Pomona. Here are a few snaps of some cars that caught my attention and some that are just plain legendary.

Here's me looking rather happy...that's because I was pretty much in Hot Rod Heaven. Most people should recognise this car as the roadster that Elvis drove in the movie "Loving You", one of my all time favourite Elvis flicks.

Too cool.
Possibly the most beautful dragster ever. The Greer-Black-Prudhomme dragster is a beautiful sight to behold. The '59 Ranchero push car is pretty cool too.
I'm not a huge speedway fan, but I love these vintage sprint cars. They look so much nicer without all of the wings and rubbish hanging off them.

This would be a great Hot Rod...if you didn't have any friends!
This was such a neat lakes car that I just had to snap it. As you can see by the back drop, it has a bit of a race history too. One problem with the NHRA Museum though, the chains are too high and too close to the cars.

I just love the colour combination.
Another car that everyone should recognise and has probably seen before, but I just had to have my own photo of it.

Ed Iskenderian (Isky Cams) built this in the late 30's early 40's (I think) and it has never been restored. I noticed that one of the headlight supports had broken at some stage and been welded back on. The weld was never ground down, probably been like that since 1954 or something!

Just gotta love this car.
Just a great looking custom. I don't think it's famous, just looks great. Behind it is a clone of the Matranga Merc. Whoops! Correction! It's actually the Zarro Merc that has been beautifully restored by Kurt McCormick. Kurt also has the R&C Dream Truck, the Buddy Alcorn Merc and a bunch of other Barris Kustoms. I'd love to meet the guy. Next time maybe.

Both of these cars are real nice, probably nicer than anything ever done in the 50's.
As you all probably know if you've seen the rest of this site I'm into model cars as well. These are just a couple of real nice models that Jim(?) Davis has built for the Museum. Very nicely done.