Model Cars
On this page you'll see a whole bunch of models that I've built over the years. Most of them I've built for myself but a few I've built for friends. Hope you like them.

This is my latest creation based on the Revell-Monogram Deuce Roadster, only I built this one with just a little bit more nostalgia than the designers at Revellogram intended.

The most obvious difference being the Ardun equipped flathead from the 1950 F-1 Pickup.
This kit was fairly heavily influenced by a Rod featured in Andy Southard's "Hot Rods of the 1950's". If you haven't got this book yet you're nuts. It's got some of the best photos of Rods you're likely to see anywhere.

The Rod in the book was a fully fendered Model A roadster with screen removed and the caps popped off. I thought to myself "I gotta have me one of those", hence the removed screen, caps and headlights.

Keen observers may also notice the F1 style shock mounts inspired by Mike Bishop's book on building Traditional Roadsters.
Last thing to go on of course was the striping, this time kindly donated by the '48 Ford Convertible kit. Just be real careful with these decals as they're so delicate that they are real hard to keep in one piece, hence the lack of "legs" at the bottom of the striping...Oops!
From here you can see the modified front shocks. They were off the F1 Pickup and with a little bit of shortening and a fair bit of stuffing around they look heaps better than the square tube mounts that come with the kit.
Here's a close up of the mighty Ardun donk!

It's just how it comes out of the box with the addition of plug wires and fuel lines.

I also drilled out the velocity stacks and painted the of course!
A '40 dash, '48 wheel and a Moon Go Pedal...what more do you need.

Don't know how long the old white interior would last though.
What a classic shape, no wonder everyone wants one, inluding ME!
Another fine offering from Revellogram. This kit just about falls together and that's why I decided to leave it pretty much alone. A little bit of smoothing and lowering topped of with one of my best paint jobs ever.

In case you're wondering, those scallops are masked and sprayed. The colour is Model Master "Fifties Pink" with Flat White scallops and then topped off with a coat of Clear Pearl.

My fiancee (scratch that, she's now my wife) likes this model so much it now resides in her office. Now we just have to find a 1:1 scale model to build!
This amt '55 Chev Cameo Pickup was built as a kind of "sister/tow" car for the '55 Convertible pictured above. I wanted to paint it the same pink but I couldn't find any in the shops so I had to settle on "Fifties Aqua". Not a bad trade off I guess.

The same technique and style was used to scallop the Pick-em-up as was used on the Convertible.
Only mods to the body were the shaving of the hood ornament and indicator lights and the addition of a custom grille from the Parts Pack.
Of course to tow a big old lug of a car like the '55 Chev you need some cubes. How 'bout a triple carbed 390 out of a '59 Caddy. That should get the sucker moving!

As well as the engine swap the only other thing was to lower the truck about 12 inches! Don't ask me how it handles, it's only a piece of plastic!
Whoa! What's an Eski doing on my web site. Actually it's a kit that my brother sent back from the UK. Of course it was used as a football by the postal system so a fair bit of work was needed to get the body right.

It's pretty stock, just a bit of lowering and those huge Fujimi wheels and tyres. I don't think it can go around corners, but who cares!
Those wheels really fill up those big forest arches. In case you were wondering, the colour is Boyd's Aluma Coupe Yellow.
Here's another kit I built for a friend. We went over to his place for dinner one night and I happened to spy the unstarted kit lying around. I volunteered to build it for him and asked him how he wanted it built. He said "Just like it is on the box", I went "Yeah, right!"
Pretty much all stock except for some serious lowering and those horrible billet wheels from the '40 Coupe that I thought I'd never use. I actually think they look great on the T-Bird.
Funnily enough the guy I built the car for is Greg Bird and his nickname is "Birdy". Made it easy to think up a number plate.
Well I'm not braggin' babe
So don't put me down...

You know the rest. You just gotta have a Little Deuce Coupe in your collection. The paint on this one is inspired by Geoff Rea's Coupe that you can see elsewhere on this site. The colours are Ford Wild Violet and Holden Absinth Yellow.

The engine is the 421 Pontiac out of the Parts Pack.
One of my favourite subjects is the crazy Rods of Ed Roth. I'm not too fussed about some of his later stuff, but his earlier stuff is great.

This is my effort at the Mysterion. That Aluma Coupe Yellow is pretty much a perfect match from what I can tell.
He was one craaaaazy cat. Don't know what he was on, but I'm sure he used it all up on this one!
Tony Nancy built some of the best drag cars ever to thunder down a 1/4 mile. This kit is half of the Double Dragster Kit that was re-released a few years ago.
Even though this is originally a '60's kit, the detail is fantastic. Just add some plug wires and fuel lines and you're done.
The kit looks great with the body on or off.
In this close up you can see my CNC machined brass fuel line fittings...Nah, not really, they're just blobs of Supa Glu painted gold. Looks effective though.

Took me a while looking at some photos (thanks AB) to figure where all the lines should go. I think I got it pretty right.
This is how I was originally going to do the Rambler up. It was going to stay the original dark green colour and run a set of Cragar S/S rims with thin line whites.

I didn't stray too far from the plan, don't you think?

I may still get a set of Cragar S/S's for that "Bellflower" look, or maybe a set of Astro Supremes, or maybe a set of 17" polished American's....
Here's a custom Merc that I built quite a few years back. It was inspired by a Rod & Custom cover car that I just loved.

It's got extended and frenched headlights and frenched '59 Cad taillights. The motor is the souped up flathead that comes with the kit and the wheels are off a '63 Corvette would you believe. I just painted the outside edge red and they look like a set of flippers. Cool! Grille is out of the '49 Ford, I think it's meant to be a De Soto or something. Judicious lowering and she's done.
Here's a '29 Woody that I chopped about 12 inches out of the roof (12 mm in reality). It's got the stock 4 banger and the rear doors have been filled and the post removed to make it look more like a wagon, a surf wagon of course. Now all I need is some 1/25 scale planks to hang out the back.
This is the first model I ever chopped. It was meant to be smooth and shiny, but somehow it ended up flat black. Some kind of phase I was going through. The motor is the 389 Pontiac and the tops of the front tyres have been chopped to get it that low.

Don't worry, it's only plastic!