Mates Cars
This mint '64 Galaxie belongs to my mate Darryl Smith. You just can't beat that Black on Red combination and that 390 sure fries up those whitewalls.

This is one cherry automobile.
Here's a shot of the mighty 390 in the Galaxie. It's had a bit work and runs a 650 Holley, so it gets up and goes for a big old tank!
For all of you foreigners out there, this is the Aussie version of the '64 Falcon Coupe. As far as I'm concerned a much nicer design than the US model.

This one is Eric Dehne's and apart from the radiused rear arches and the 289 it's just about bog stock.
This is a great '60's style FX Custom, you don't notice it at first, but those are FC Holden headlights moulded in.

This was built by a bloke called Gary who I don't see much anymore but it is such a cool car I just had to put the picture up.
This AP6 Valiant belongs to a mate of mine, Alasdair Campbell. He just picked it up recently and it's absolutely spot on. It was rebuilt around 1990 by the previous owner and those way cool wheels are good old Hustlers that have been polished by hand. Apparently the guy spent two weeks on each wheel, including the spare!

Al is rather partial to the Mopar stuff, his garage also holds a '68 Dodge Phoenix, a '60 Plymouth Coupe and a '38 Dodge Coupe. The '38 Dodge can be seen on the Car Shows page all "cooped" up.
Here's another shot of the Val parked next to my car. Alasdair did most of the mechanical work on the Rumbler rebuild. He's got his own workshop with a hoist and all of the good gear (i.e LOTS of Snap-On tools).

So far hardly anything has fallen off the car in over 5 years. He must be a good grease monkey!
Craig Clements is the crazy guy who owns this HT Premier. He seems to have a nasty habit of getting old cars, spraying them flat black and whacking a set of flames on them. Usually all in the same weekend!

Craig also organises the odd cruise around town. Some of the cars on his last cruise can be seen on the Super Model Car Sunday.

Click on the pic to go to the Super Model Car Sunday Page.
This here is Elvira. She belongs to a fellow Aces & Eights member Sparky. I was going to put a picture of Sparky on this page as well but I didn't want to offend anyone.
Here's AB's newest creation coming along nicely. Oh...and that's a '35 Phaeton in the background.
Here's a closer look at the '35. Should be a real nice ride when it's done.