Cool Links

Everything you ever wanted to know about Ramblers, Jeeps and all things AMC can be found here... and then some!



A great site for info on Rambler Americans and Rogues.


Got an SC/Rambler? Well head over to this site and let them know. They're trying to put together a register of all of these magnificent Hurst/AMC specials.


The Hokey Ass Message Board. Enter at your own risk!



An Australian based Hot Rod Message Forum. A great place to hang out and BS or to find out what overhead underhangs your Hot Rod or Custom should have. Sadly this site got shut down due to ridiculous legal BS, so it has been reincarnated. See the link below...


The new HRI, complete with all of the old posts and therefore a bunch of my BS. Now owned and administered in the US, but with a definite Aussie flavour.



A great site for those hard to answer technical question, with the odd bit of BS for good measure.



Perth based Automotive Forum


A great site for Vintage Hot Rod pics.



Need a link? Want to find out where to get that part from. This is your place.



The world's best car magazine, bar none. Awesome photography, great stories and unbelievable quality.

If you're an Aussie Hot Rodder, do yourself a favour and subscribe through Graffiti Publications.




A web based version of the original Hop Up magazine. You can also get the paper based versions from their site.


In case you're wondering why it takes me so long to update my website on occassion, this is the answer. I also do a monthly update for these guys, so sometimes I just don't get the time to do my own stuff!


Home of Kustom Rodder Magazine and the Koolest Kemps in Oz.



The mother of the HAMB. Very cool site.

Artwork by Artist at Large


Cool Canadian based site (obviously) that is very organised and has some great content. Make sure you check out the flame job how to. Super cool and detailed.


Rod Hadfield's workshop. Home of the Merlin powered '55 Chev "Final Objective". A must see.



Don's Hot Rod Page. Home of Don Dillard, all round good guy and the only person that takes more photos than me!


Need info on your fine Mopar product? This is the place to go.

And remember... "If it ain't Mopar, it's Below par!"


Cole Foster's workshop. This boy sure knows what COOL is. Bikes or cars.




Great site with pics of every kind of Gasser ever to tear up the 440.



Purveyor of fine automotive tomes and home of Australian Street Rodding Magazine.

(If you look real close, you might even see some of my pics in there.)


Need to get hold of some of those 'little pages' magazines? If you're looking for Rolls & Pleats, Hop Up or even Stickshift magazine, Kustom Ink will probably have it.



For some of the greatest Front Engine Dragster pics, this is the place to go. Awesome site!



Find out who did what at Lake Gairdner and how fast they were going when they did it.



Another personal friend's website. This is the home of Sumner Patterson. It's not just car stuff either. Check it out.



Just a cool personal website.