Father's Day Hot Rod Show



This is Glenn John's '57 Cad Coupe de Ville, a cooler car you will not find.

Lavender Pearl with ghost flames and a white Tuck & Roll interior. Better yet, it was all done at home!
Did I mention the flames, hell they're even in the boot. Oh, and don't forget the T&R, it's on the hoodlining too!
This is an ex-Melbourne car that used to have flippers and whitelwalls. Now... I love wide whites, but I dunno, you can't really go wrong with a set of polished Halibrands.

*****NEWS FLASH*****
I've since seen this car run at the drag strip. I was pretty amazed when I saw it run high 11's all night. No fancy Hi RPM launch or anything, just punched it on the green and.... GONE! I was amazed when after speaking to the owner (Ian Hickey) that it only has a 350 in it. I was half expecting him to say it had a big block... or maybe a Rambler motor ;)
I just love '55 Chev's.

I especially like the colour coordinated girl walking past, just an innocent bystander.
...and after you got sick of checking out the '55 you did an about face and this is what you saw.

This wild A Tudor belongs to Eddie Roberts, and yes that is Hilborn Injection sticking out the top of the engine!