Castlemaine Rods 2002


Sunday was Swap Meet Day, so I got up nice and early. Choco didn't. I had already walked to the Swap, checked everything out, walked back to the Motel and he'd just left. Lucky there wasn't any free beer on Saturday (we must have drunk it all on Friday!), otherwise this amazing feat would not have been possible.

This page just has a few pics of the Swap as well as some more of cars that showed up for the Show & Shine on the Sunday.

This Improved A '30 roadster was a runner and was for sale at $11,000. I had a chat to the guy and he said that people had offered him around $7,500 for it, but for that, he'd put it back in the shed.

I didn't think the price was too bad. You could sell all of the stuff you didn't need, like the chassis, the fenders, the engine, the wheels. It was all there and as I said, it ran.

This little Model A bucket belongs to Garry Oliver. I saw this car many years ago when it was almost finished, in fact, I went for a run "around the block" with it.

It's a very nicely detailed car with a very nicely done flathead.

You've got to love the Country Squire. This one could have used a little bit of a lowering, but the wood panelling was very well done. The darker wood, which was usually some kind of stick on panel was actually painted on. Now that must be time consuming.

Here's another shot of that A roadster, this time the sun's a little higher in the sky. That's not surface rust either, that's the original paint on the car.

I reckon it's a pretty good start for a Hot Rod roadster. The best thing was, the guy didn't give a rats who he sold it to.

Here's that sled again. Some people are very clever. To turn a 4 door sedan into something as swoopy as this takes a lot of skill and talent... and patience I'm sure.
Can you tell I liked this car. If you look carefully, you can see the upside down split rear window. I'm not sure what model or year it's from, but it sure gives it a sinister look.
Back at the Show & Shine again. I'm pretty sure this A Coupe wasn't there on the Saturday, but once again, black, low and polished American's. Can't really go wrong with that combo.

A car this cool deserves another look. From here you can see the real "mag" wheels and of course, the quickchange rear.

What a great Hot Rod. On the way back home I asked Choco which was his favourite car that he saw over the weekend. He said this one, definitely, no doubt, abso-bloody-lutely.

I think I agree with him.

Except maybe for this '33 Coupe that showed up late on Sunday morning.

I'm not sure how he keeps this thing on the road with those tyres, because under that hood is a VERY serious sounding small block Chev.

To me, that is almost a perfect Hot Rod. I say almost, because nothing is perfect.

It's an interesting mix this car. Traditional as can be on the outside, a red and white Tuck & Roll interior, but strapped to the column is a HUGE tacho and as I mentioned earlier, a very serious engine. Of course, out the back is a quick change.

I had suspiscions that this may have been a "Street Rod" at some stage, but was assured that this was how the car was built. Excellent!

Another car that deserves more than one look. This great shoebox showed up late on the Sunday also.

I believe it was built by Mark Norton. It has got some great touches and the flames look much better in real life. Due to the fact that the paint is all flat, the flames don't photograph very well.

Still looks great though.

I love the flames on the boot (trunk) too. Frenched taillights and a cool bumper overrider really finish off the rear of the car.

Sorry if you're getting sick of this sled, but if you are, then you probably shouldn't be on this web site!

That's the owner walking by in the background.

By the way, that funny looking Jap thing in the upper left hand corner is the "roadster" that Carps showed up in. The silly bastard actually let me drive it! I think it's in for a service at the moment.

Here's something for all of you Von Dutch fans, a flying eyeball horn rim. Craaaazy man! Craaaazy!

Caught on film.

L-R : Peter "Carps" Carpenter, Mark Norton, Choco "I can't tell you my real name or I'd have to kill you" Munday, Danny "Crash Cadillac" Munday and the lady that was with Mark.

No Carps is definitely NOT pregnant! Toyota are clever, but not that clever.

Now this really sums up the "Spirit of Castlemaine". A Hemi powered Hot Rod. What more do you need?

Thankyou and Good Night...