Car Shows


This is just an assortment of pics from various car shows that I've been to. Most will be from the Hot Rod & Street Machine Spectacular put on by WA Hot Rod Promotions as I'm on the Committee, plus it's the best show in this town.

Here's what the people saw as soon as they walked in at the 1999 Spectacular. We were trying to replicate the artwork on the T-Shirt, I thought we did a pretty good job.
Here's another shot of Glenn John's Cadillac. It's just such a cool car I can't help myself.
They're really hard to see, but there's ghost flames all over the Cad. Glenn made a template out of card and then repeated the pattern over the hood and all the way too the backs of the doors. Patience or what!
This awesome Deuce Roadster belongs to Phil Pavicich. This was it's show debut and it cleaned up.

The flames are the work of the King of Flames, Ray Williams. They even go under the car!
Here's a shot of the South City Rodders display. These guys are from Bunbury and surrounds, which for all you furriners is about 2 hours South of Perth. The green Tudor on the left is owned by Ian Willis and all he started with was part of the cowl and doors. The rest of the body he hand made! Unbelievable.
My good mate Wellsy owns this HOT Rod, I guess I could have put it on my Mates Cars Page, but the shot was taken at the '99 Spectacular so I'll stick it here.

This is the 4th incarnation of this car, having originally been a orange pickup and then a purple and flamed delivery, then back to orange and now the good old Flat Black. I guess Wellsy got sick of polishing the damn thing. He drives it so much he has to rebuild it every 2 years!
Here's something a little different. It's Flat Black as well, but only because the paints over 60 years old.

Another mate of mine, Alasdair Campbell brought this back from the US. He bought it at a swap meet after it had been pulled out of the barn where it had sat since 1956!

Of course the display was a gimme, but this farmyard scene went the extra step, if you look real close you can see the live ducks and chickens.
This must be the coolest drag car in Perth, well actually, he's from Waroona (I think!). Big Block Chev means way fast, but with twice as much style as your average drag racer!

The body is a Pete Osborne fibreglass unit from New Zealand (Hank is originally a Kiwi) and it's been specially made to be about half the weight of a normal body.
This crazy combination belongs to Glenn John, the owner of the coolest Caddy this side of...well this part of the world anyway.
This is Neville "Nifty" Haynes A Coupe. It runs a 318 for something different and is absolutely stunning. Nifty came all the way over from Melbourne with his mate Scott Marshall who owns the Yoot below.

Needless to say, it took a fair swag of trophies back with it.
Now this is one serious Yoot! Blown and injected BBC, full tube chassis and a roof chop make for a very serious Street Machine.

Check out where the exhaust exits, just behind the front wheels. When this thing cranks up you better get the marshmallows out!
This radical FJ is a South Australian Car that came over as feature car for Motorvation (the other car show) a few years back. I was some time in the mid 80's.

From what I can remember it's been widened around 8 inches and lowered a hell of a lot.

I guess now it doesn't roll over every time you go near a corner!
This shot of Peter Hunter's 3-Window was also taken at Motorvation. It now runs a set of Halibrands and I'm not sure which combination I like better.
Another crazy friend of mine who just can't leave well alone. This wild custom Harley is owned by Don Gilbert and since this photo was taken it's been painted two or three times and the front end has been changed.

In case you're wondering, the wheels are off a ZZR Kawasaki.
This is what the bike looks like now. New paint, new front end, more billet (if that's possible!).

This was taken at the Street Machine State Titles Show in early May 2000. It's probably different again by now.
Here's a couple of Harley's that I don't know anything about except that they look cool.