Bobbin Head

Car Park Car Show 2002


This is the second Bobbin Head I have attended and once again, I wasn't disappointed. Over 200 cars registered with a few more I'm sure that just showed up. Everything from restored Model A's (Hot Rods just waiting to be saved) to 60s Muscle Cars.

Of course, I wouldn't be there if there wasn't a bunch of great Hot Rod and Custom stuff to see. Check it out.

Now this '59 Buick caught my eye straight away. The paint is much livelier than it looks in this photo. It has a HEAP of metallic in it and really glows in the sun.

It's pretty stock apart from the DeSoto grille. It took out Top Kustom.

A very nice and very tough '52 Chev Ute. There's some pretty serious rubber hiding behind those rear fenders.

Engine was a TPI small block.

Now this is going to be VERY nice when it is complete. It's a '56 with a '55 front clip. The Hilborn injector is actuall on top of a couple of carbs, which is on top of a blower, which is on top of a VERY strong engine!

Just in front, but about a million miles away in automotive terms from the Chev was this cool Model A pickup.

It had some nice "patina".

This a very nice FJ Ute that has a few tricks up it's sleeve. The fenders are moulded to the bonnet, so I imagine it has a flip front. I couldn't see where the seam was though, so it's a very nice job.

It's good to see an FJ that sits nice and low with some good wheels on it for a change.

Just another purple and flamed '32 roadster. We actually followed this one out of the park. It seems to go pretty well.

Chopped Tudors are cool. I really liked the combination of colour, wheels and stance on this one.

I think I'll have to get one for a family car one day.

Here's some pretty crazy custom work on the rear of an XM Falcon.

I'm pretty sure I've already got a pic of this '33 too, but who cares, it's a NICE car.

Now this was very new and very RED!

Looks like pretty good use of recycling too!

Now some people complain about small block Chevs being boring and common... blah, blah, blah...

I reckon if they look like this, there's nothing wrong with them.

This was a VERY nice car. It was For Sale for $39,000. Gees, I'm only$38,987 short!
This is a very tidy '32 roadster, in fact it's so spotless you'd almost be scared to drive it.

Like I said, not a speck of dust anywhere!

Black with a red tuck & roll interior. You can't really go wrong with that.

Here's Darren's LOCO 52 Chev. A lot of work has gone into this old 4 door to get it looking this cool.

Darren is a signwriter by trade and did his own striping. Very nice.

The guy on the left is building a similar car, so he was grilling Darren about how he did everything. I guess that's what it's all about though.
Now to all you greenies that complain about all of the old cars and pollution and all that BS. This is recycling at it's finest!

Yes, this actually is a Mercury Ute. Obviously aimed at the well heeled farmer.

Apparently it is on a longer wheelbase than the Ford of the same year and most likely had a few extra creature comforts.

Here's some of that Hot Rod material just waiting to be saved I was talking about.

Has it got potential or WHAT!

A nice clean '34 with polished Halibrands. Simple, yet effective.
They don't get much smoother than this. There's some pretty serious rubber out the back too.

Do you reckon it needs those wheelie bars? Well I had to know, so I asked the owner. He said he'd "...worn out a few sets of wheels..."

Small block Chev out the front, 6 point cage on the inside and some serious rubber out the back add up to 10.2 second quarter miles! Yikes!

This is probably the lowest '57 Chev in the world. I imagine it's on hydraulics of some description.

The Bel Air trim is actually aftermarket with little bowties instead of the standard grooves.

Look! I've found the Restoration Tree! Drive a Hot Rod past it and it turns into a bog stock resto!

Now I wonder if it works backwards if you reverse past it. Hmmm... where's the keys to that roadster pickup???

This Merc belonged to Christine, the late wife of Ben Gatt. It took home an award, so I hope it cheers Ben up a little.

Some very nice touches on this car.

Now this guy should start his own club. Requirements are, your name has to be Mario Collalillo and your car has to be very cool with a great set of flames.

Love your work Mario.

And finally, just a few pics of a couple of Harleys that showed up.

About 20 bikes showed up in all, a lot left when it started to drizzle a bit though.

This was my favourite bike. I'm not a big fan of the solid wheel or the billet stuff, but it was a very nicely put together bike.

What I really liked about it was the paint treatment. It was a modern interpretation of a traditional scallop job. There were lots of layers and even some pinstriping.

Pretty clever stuff.