Billy Cart Derby 2002

This little get together is put on by the Regency Ramblers Club. The highlight of the day is of course, the Billy Cart Derby. Some of the contraptions that people are willing to strap themselves into is astounding, especially when you see how big the hill is that they go down!

I just went along to check out a few of the cars, not a huge turn out, but it was a bit of fun on a fairly cold and miserable day.


This is a very nice '35 Coupe that showed up. Pretty much a resto rod, but very nicely done.
Spare tyre cover and all.
As you can see, it had all of the fruit. Twin horns, the leaping greyhound. All of the shiny bits were in place.
This is a pretty cool Model A Tudor. Love the wheels and the paint, one thing wrong with it though. The surfboard it TOO SHORT!

Definite Hot Rod Rake happening here.

Hope no small children took their eyes out on the Caddy taillights.

This roadster showed up a little later. Pretty cool ride, and even more impressive is that I have since discovered that it is his daily driver!

I asked the owner about the intake as I couldn't see any manufacturer's name cast into it. He said it was a copy of an Edelbrock that had been cast in Australia.

As you can see, alternator and electric fan. Not so traditional, but practical, especially in Sydney traffic!

This Tank Fairlane (that's what we call them down here) had all the fruit. Those spots you can see down the rear fender are those stick on bullet holes. I'm not too sure about those.
Just a clean and low '34 Coupe.
Now this was a piece of work. I think it's a '29 or '30 Dodge. The colour was a fantastic pearl orange and the Boyd's wheels were HUGE!

Now I know there's already a pic of this "Dak Dak" on my web site, but I figured another wouldn't hurt.

There's a hell of a lot of work that has gone into this car.

Not the least of which is this V8 conversion. I know the plates say VW-351, but apparently it's "only" a 302.

If you look closely, you can see the "wood" chassis rails. Don't worry, they're just painted to look like that.

The best thing about the VW is the caravan it tows.

The owner completely hand built the caravan from a few pics. It is absolutely amazing.

It's a Schwing!

I don't know what this badge came off. It looks like some kind of awning maybe.

Pretty cool trim.

Check out the details. I'm not sure what the tank is, maybe a vacuum tank for trailer brakes or something, but it sure is cool.

This is COMPLETELY hand made. Unbelievable.

As the run is just around the corner from Pep's place, we headed back to watch the Mundine fight and have a few beers.

Of course, we had to check out the '37 roadster project he's got going on. Pep's done a lot of really nice work so far. It's a lot more complete than it looks as he had removed the fenders as they are done.

A LOT of work had to be done to get the back of the car sorted out. Completely new floor, the gutter around the boot lid, a completely new rear pan and a lot or work in the fenderwell area too.

Keep it up Pep, it will be real nice when it's done.