Big Al's Poker Run 2005 - Page 3


After the EJ came the EH...

...and after the hopped up six came the very serious small-block Chevy! No specs or performance figures on this baby, but it sure looks the goods!

This Mustang convertible was SUPER nice, and this is the only time I've seen it.

Love the engine bay. The black block, wrinkle finish rocker covers and air cleaners really work on this car.

Now this is something you don't see every day. A tunnel rammed flathead... an XP Falcon!!!

I spoke to the owner and he's a Ford man through and through. Doesn't like working on that new stuff, like Windsors and Clevelands etc...

Yet another clean and simple early Holden. I'm pretty sure this car is now running around with a set of wide whitewall tyres, steelies and dog dish caps.

Just a neat old bike.

Those Italians sure know how to build 'em!

The HR ute is pretty neat too. I like his choice of wheels and tyres, although he could probably lose the stickers.