Big Al's Poker Run 2005 - Page 2


Archie Fullerton's Improved A coupe. This one has been around for 20 years or so and still the looks the goods.

He has also built a '32 Tudor that has won its fair share of tinware, although, if I had my choice, I'd be taking the coupe!

Not sure why a mid-60s cruiser needs a chin spoiler, although it could be something to do with getting more air into the radiator. It is a Ford afterall, and we know how they like to make like a steam engine!

Not sure if this coupe is related to the Galaxie above, but it also has PABLO plates. I believe this car originally came from Victoria, and it has since gone back. Not sure on the exact details though.

Rat Rod Ralphy's Plymouth roadster. It's even got Mopar running gear in the form of a 265 Hemi six. Ralph's also got a coupe that will run a 'real' Hemi, i.e. one with EIGHT cylinders!

'Flathead Express' is the very cool racing machine of Steve McGuinness. Sadly, the last time I saw it, it was running a Ch-Ch-Ch-Chevy small-block due to some reliability issues with the flatheads.

One of the finest offerings from Ford in 1959 - the Fairlane 500 Skyliner. Un-fuggin-believable...

That splash of candy apple paint can only mean the Williams Bros EK Holden.

Every time I see this car I just have to take more pics. How the hell they keep a candy apple red car with a white engine bay and white trim clean is beyond me!

Just a mild looking EJ Holden with a set of mags and a bit of a lowering job.

You might have expected to see a V8 nestled in the engine bay, but you can't complain about a warmed over 202.