Big Al's Poker Run 2005

OK, I know it's almost three years since this event, but it's still worth taking a gander at the pics because this was the 25th anniversary of the Poker Run, and I flew over from Sydney to cover the event for Street Machine. I had planned to cruise around with my good friend Darryl in his '64 Galaxie sedan, but when the offer to ride with Col and Chris in their convertible Valiant came up, I figured it would be a much better platform for taking pics.

I think I was right, as I got some great shots while we were cruising around, even if I say so myself!

It's hard to believe, but this actually turned out looking OK. So nice in fact that we featured it in the Street Machine Hot Rod Annual 2006.

'Miss Stickshift' featured lots of neat little details. One of the coolest was this old kero tin...

...that is actually the battery box.

The builders, John Hall on the left and Craig Clements looking, well... like himself.

Tony Gatani's old Cusso sure looks a lot nicer these days thanks to a Mercury bonnet, frenched headlights and a much improved colour scheme.

It's always good to see a nicely done Aussie Mopar product. Wouldn't you just kill for a car like this when you're on your P-plates!

Fresh on the scene in WA is this wild '34 Ford coupe that was built by Rod Hadfield. I can't remember the exact date, but I do remember reading about it in magazines when I was still at university in the late-80s.

It might look like a show pony, but new owner Domenic Schiavoni drives it every chance he gets, even shipping it back to Melbourne and driving it up to Goulburn for the 2007 ASRF Nationals.

What's better than one photo of a blown Hemi?

Two photos!

The car was still sporting its Victorian Street Rod rego, but it's now licensed in WA and makes it to a hell of a lot of runs as well as the Nostalgia Drags.