Big Al's Poker Run 2001



This here is Craig Clements' latest FC. This time he's decided to do a Ute, and a mighty fine one at that. Not too many of these get customised like this, so it's a nice change.

Punched full of louvres and with those crazy molded in lakes pipes it looks pretty if only he'll do something about that bog stock grey motor.

*****NEWS FLASH*****
Well... Craig decided to do something about that "bog stock" motor... HE BLEW IT UP!

It now sports a warmed over grey with twin carbs, strackers and a finned rocker cover. Now you're talkin'.
This sweet looking Model A pickup was built by Chris Maxwell. You just can't go wrong with black paint, red steelies and whitewalls.

Too cool!
Not the usual treatment for a '56 Vicky, but I love it. There's not much you need to do to these to make 'em look cool. Don't know anything about this car, just like it a lot!

*****NEWS FLASH*****
As you may already know if you've been to the 2000 Poker Run page, this is the same car that was maroon and white last year. I didn't even realise until I saw the number plates. I like it much better this way. Great set of flames.

Click on the pic to see it in it's former guise.
A fairly new addition to the streets of Perth, this was originally a Melbourne car. I have seen photos of it with the front wheels a foot off the ground, so those rear meats are not there just for show.

What is it about hammered Model A coupes, they just look TOUGH!

This is now owned by Dexter Taylor. I've now met him a few times and am glad to say that he's a top bloke. The car's is very tough too with something like 406 cubes of Chev stuffed under the hood.
Another thing we don't see too much of is traditional style roadsters. This one owned by Steve Wren just about makes up for all of them.

That 3x2 setup is sitting on an adapter designed by Perth's own "Rodfather" Neville Marney. The adapter bolts onto a Windsor Fuel Injection manifold and turns it into one great looking motor.
This '46 Chevy ute was another car I'd never seen before. Big Al's is like that, people come out of the woodwork like you wouldn't believe.

This is a very clean piece of work and nice and Loooooow. Love it.
As far as I'm aware, this is Perth's first custom Merc. Very nicely done too.
This very nice all steel roadster belongs to Brian McDonagh. He also has a concours winning Shelby GT350 that is absolutely awesome.

I hate him ;)
Just gotta love the electric roof on these things. This '57 is another new car that I'd never seen before. It was very nicely done.
Y'all come back now y'here.

This is my mate Alasdair's car. It's a '29 Chrysler 65 roadster that used to be a piece of farm machinery. It even had the back half cut off (with an axe by the look of it) and a draw bar added to the rear of the chassis. It's a nice companion to his '38 Dodge coupe that also looks like it was pulled straight out of a barn.