Big Al's Poker Run 2000


Big Al's Poker Run is the largest and longest running (this year was the 20th) car run in Perth. This years turnout was over 500 cars, huge by Australian standards. Big Al is a local Hot Rodder whose '28 Tourer (HOTTUB) can be seen on the Quairading Speedway Run page.

Below are just a few of the cars that caught my eye this year. If I know anything about the cars I'll write a few words, otherwise, I'll let the pics speak for themselves.

This great looking roadster belongs to ex-WAHRP Committe member Keith Wilson of Nu-Breed Hot Rod Club. After having the car on the road for a year or two he decided that it wasn't comfy enough and had the rear parcel shelf removed and bucket seats installed. Now he drives it every day.
I don't know much about this neat A Coupe, but I think it belongs to Doug Anderson and was built at John Barlow's shop.
There's a bit of a sad story to this way cool hearse. The family who own it lost their son and the hearse was completed in less than two weeks so that it could be used to put him to rest.

They have now set up a company called "Hot Rods to Heaven". As the owners say, if you haven't spent your life in a new Fairlane, why would you want to be taken to the cemetery in one. You got that right!
I love '55 Chev's, especially convertibles. This one is absolutely bone stock and is a factory right hand drive car that originally went to Hong Kong.

Absolutely flawless.
Don't know much about this car at all. I do know it looks cool, so therefore it gets to go on my web page.

*****NEWS FLASH*****
This car has since been repainted. Click on the pic to see what it looks like now!
This '59 Rancho belongs to a good mate of mine, Tim Marney. As well as this fine Ford he also owns a '59 Galaxie Retractable and a '64 Compact Fairlane.

The Rancho runs a warm 390 with a 4 speed, so those WWW's aren't going to last long!
Here's another shot of Phil Pavicich's flamin' Deuce roadster. Just gotta love this car.

*****NEWS FLASH*****
Phil has sold this roadster now (sorry, don't know the new owner's name) and is in the process of building a Hemi powered '34 Coupe. Can't wait to see that one.
Not quite as much time spent on the flame job on this FC wagon as spent on the roadster above, but still a great effect.

This crazy car was built by another friend of mine Craig Clements. A week before the run it had red scallops, so Craig figures he'd do those craaaaazy flames in a weekend... and he did!

I think it was something like 9 hours to mask them, and half an hour to paint. About 13 seconds to pull the tape off and Voila! Instant flame job. Crazy man Crazy!
Another car that I know nothing about except that it looks cool. The paint is actually a Pearl Yellow/Pearl White cobination. Very nice.
Don't worry, I haven't gone billet crazy. This roadster is like nothing else to be built in Perth, so I had to get a pic. Full Corvette running gear (I-beam front though) and an absolutely awesome interior by the builder. Can't remember his name, sorry.
I love this little roadster, don't think I'd fit in it though! Great set of wire wheels custom made by Trevor Breeze.
Yet another car I know nothing about, love the scallops though.
What web page of mine would be complete without a picture of the mighty Rumbler.

The run finishes at a park somewhere for a BBQ and BS session. The '38 Dodge parked next to me belongs to another friend, Alasdair Campbell. You can see more photos of that car under the Car Shows page.