Beverley Air Show 2000


aka The World's Smallest Rod Run!


Here we are at the start of our journey. Just heading out of York to go to Beverley via the Scenic Route.

That's Peter Robins' (aka ripper) 41 Chevy Yoot leading the way. He'll be our guide for the day.

As you can see it was a loveley day...for ducks!
Just a shot of us cruising along the Top Beverley Road. Nice and green this time of year.
You get a good view of the lovely farmland around this part of the country. This is not far out of Beverley Town Centre.
Coolest looking plane at the show. I'm told it's a T-6 Texan. This is just after it landed following a display flight and boy do those radial engines sound tough, especially coming out of those straight pipes. LOUD!
Here's a couple of shots of some scratch built WW I models. They looked great and all of the rudders and ailerons were functional.
This one was painted by the builders wife. The detail was great and were around 2 feet long overall.
Here's a collection of RC models that were flying during the day. The orange and white ones at the front are Macchi's and are used by the Air Force as trainers. On the left towards the back there is a Jet powered plane as well. These things move!
And after a hard day at the Air Show and checking out the local sites with our tour guide, what better place to finish off the day than at the local pub.

We were lucky as every car in the cruise got a parking spot out the front!

That mud on the front of my car is about 2 inches thick, and I'm still cleaning it off 3 months later. I'd hate to see what the bottom of ripper's Yoot looks like!