This is one of four 1967 XR Falcon GT's that raced at Bathurst that year. It was the only one finished in Ivy Green and it looks sensational. I'm not sure how long those hubcaps would stay on for though!

This is GM's response to the GT Falcon's. With 327cubic inches to the Ford's 302 they had a slight advantage on the track.

This is what the V8's were beating up on. The GT Cortina's were the hot ticket, along with the Mini Cooper S until the big V8's hit the scene.

This one was piloted by Barry Seton, who's son, Glen is now an accomplished V8 Supercar competitor.

They've been racing at Mt Panorama for quite a while. This racing special is based on a Hudson Terraplane and by the look of it, has seen a fair bit of racing. You've got to admire someone who can pedal one of these around at a rate of knots!

Plenty of information to take in here! Good to see the tacho takes pride of place whereas the speedo is waaaaaay over the other side. Probably a good thing to NOT know how fast you were going.
Mt Panorama wasn't always the beautiful racing surface it now either. I'm not exactly sure what the history of this car is, but if they ran this down Conrod Straight at full tilt, that would have been something else.
High tech racing engines, 50's style. Don't let the red paint fool you, that's a mighty Grey motor lurking under all those carbs and those crazy pipes. By the look of it, the "lakes" style pipes just slip over the "zoomie" exhaust. I'd love to hear what this sounds like with the zoomies.
This is a Renmax Formula Junior and has recently been restored to be raced again. I love to see that. It is a very nicely presented car and would be great to see on the track. I believe they ran with either 1300 or 1600 cc Ford motor's.
There were also a handful of motorbikes there. This Velocette is a great looking machine and apparently it was quite a terror in it's day straight from the factory.
Here's a closeup of the tank. It says 1926-28-29 T.T. Winners. Nothing like a bit of bragging. Sorry about the photo, but obviously they had a problem with people drooling over the bike as it was totally enclosed in a perspex case.
This is one of the most famous cars to win Bathurst due to the fact that it was the winner in the first ever formation finish at the Mountain. It is amazing to look at these cars and think that they were race cars in their day. Apart from a roll cage and a couple of extra gauges, there isn't much different to the factory car. Scary!
This looks like a fairly stock engine. I have a feeling that during the restoration they just slotted in a fairly stock 351 Cleveland, but then, as I said before, there wasn't really that much separating these cars from the factory.
As they say... "The last of the Big Bangers". The production cars had gotten a little out of hand by the 80's, sporting flares and spoilers that were nothing like the cars they were based on. These were Group C cars, they changed the rules, the cars got a little tamer and they were called Group A's.
Apart from an odd looking Weber carby setup, the motors don't look too different from your average Street Machine of the day... in fact, most Street Machine's looked better!
This is actually the same model Commodore as the one above, but as you can see, with much less plastic bolted to it. I'm not sure how much slower the cars were in this format, but I'm sure the drivers weren't too pleased about going slower... after all, doesn't that defeat the purpose a little?

I've jumped around a little in the chronology of it all here, but anyway... This is what they used to race before the Commodore came out, the much loved (by Mulletheads the country over) Torana. This one is especially interesting as it's driver's were none other than Formula 1 LEGEND'S, Stirling Moss and Jack Brabham. Unfortunately they had a problem with gear box and lost quite a few laps at the start before the engine finally failed. Love the "denim" paint job too.

I remember this car from my childhood watching the "Great Race" and it was great to see it in the metal. It's a great colour combination and really stands out.
Here's the engine of the #7 Torana. Apart from an interesting side draft Weber induction setup it looks like any old 308 with chrome rocker covers.

...and finally, some arty stuff.


One for the Ford fans...

...and one for the Holden boys.



...and in case you ever wondered why they call it Mt. Panorama.... Check out the view mate! What a great race track, truly one of the world's greatest. I ended up driving around it 4 or 5 times, unfortunately there is a 60 kph speed limit on non-race days.

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