All American Car Day 2003 - Page 2


'58 Pontiac was parked next to a very similar white one. They are part of a wedding car business.
Nice Tudor just minding its own business. Not too many rods show up unfortunately.
Studebaker Champ pickup was very clean, a little too clean maybe. This would look good a foot closer to the ground.

There was even a Rambler or two there. For some reason this Matador owner thinks he's the Sheriff.

Don't ask me who the kid is, he just walked in the way.

I love these Challengers. One of the best looking muscle cars ever in my book. This particular really worked for me because of the tall blackwall tyres and the unpolished Americans (instead of the usual 50 series mullet mobile BFG T/As).
This '47 Plymouth convertible was absolutely astounding. The job that the owner had done on its restoration was magnificent. I had a lovely chat with his wife and apparently it was a real basket case when he started it.
Another nice Challenger, only this one has a HEMI in it. Cool!
Another nice Tudor. I've seen and photographed this one a couple of times before.