All American Car Day 2003

The All American Car Day is an event put on by the Mustang Club of NSW. The main focus is on muscle cars with the majority of cars being Mustangs, Camaros and Corvettes etc. They're the ones I didn't take photos of (well maybe one Corvette). There are also a handful of Hot Rods and fifties and sixties American iron that show. I did take photos of them.


Darren was my chauffeur again for our cruise out to the shopping centre in Castle Hill. In front of us is Matt in his Vicky and another friend in his Cusso.

That's Crazy Dave hanging out of the window.

I quite like the early Compact Fairlanes. This one looked cool with its 5 spokes and thin line whites. The lavender hue was cool too.
Two door Hudson looked pretty cool with its flame job. From memory there was a small block Chev under the hood.
1970-something Challenger. This was a very nice car which was for sale. From memory there were quite a few zeroes in the price.
Smile! Big ol' Buick flashing a smile for the camera. What a tank.
This was a very pristine example of a Ford Victoria. Needs to be lowered a bit and maybe some scallops.

Not too far from the Vicky was this beautifully restored '40 Ford convertible. Just like the Vicky, a bit of lowering and a splash of colour and she'd be beautiful... er. :)

Obviously this one was made in Australia. This badge is located on lower part of the cowl. I've seen some earlier Fords with just one badge, but this one had a badge on each side.