All American Car Day 2002

Held at Castle Hill Shopping Centre on the top floor of their multi-level Car Park, you get plenty of room for plenty of cars and absolutely NO shade! After a couple of hours I was toast (literally) and called it a day. There were some great cars there, but as it was put on by the Mustang Club of NSW, there was a fair bit of stuff that didn’t really interest me… but that’s got nothing to do with the small amount of pics I took, I just ran out of film! Oops! Here’s what I liked…

I couldn’t believe it when I bumped into this magnificent Rambler. I’ve only ever seen one other back in Perth. It was a little rough and someone had put a 289 Windsor in it.

This one has all the right gear. AMC360, TH400 and a 9” diff.
I found the owner and we had a good chat, of course, he showed me his, so I had to show him mine. He liked mine almost as much as I liked his…. Hang on! We’re talking about Ramblers!

Apparently only 16 of these were brought into the country as factory RHD. I’d love to get my hands on one.
I’ve always liked the ’69 Firebird. This one had a kind of flip flop paint that was sometimes blue, but mainly a great shade of purple.

It was For Sale for around $36,000. Full leather interior and very nicely put together.
I think this is a ’55 Desoto, but I’m not really sure. It might be hard to tell in the pic, but those rear wheels are H-U-G-E!!!

Another very nicely put together car. I really like the Mercury grille that’s in it ;^D
I have a real soft spot for ’55 Chev’s and it’s not too often you see a two door post model. Very smooth, killer motor, great paint colour and a killer stance.

Doesn’t matter how you do a ’55, Hot Rod, Custom, Gasser style, they all look cool to me.
There weren’t too many Hot Rods there. Probably because you had to pay $10 to display your car… or maybe because they know how HOT it gets up there.

This is a neat little ’32 pickup which the owner has used baby moons to try and hide the Street Rod wheels. Nice try mate. I still noticed. It probably looks really good when the car is moving, you wouldn’t be able to tell.
There weren’t too many bikes there, but this one really caught my eye. I’m no expert on Harley’s, but I’m pretty sure this is a WL model.

Love the colour combination and the very restrained use of custom bits.
This VERY trad ’32 roadster belongs to Matt Joyce, triple carbed flathead, lever action shocks, wires and whitewalls i.e. ALL THE RIGHT STUFF.

Of course, he had to wait for 10 minutes to get in the place and it turned into a steam engine. This is where it stopped.

Nice parking Matt!
This Deuce coupe belongs to a mate of Matt’s (I’ve forgotten his name), and yep, that’s a Model A grille on a ’32.

Suede blue and ’53 Chevy taillights make it just a little different to most of the ’32 3 windows you see driving around Sydney.
Just in case you were thinking that this doesn't look like a shopping centre... you're right.

After a Hot Day at a Hot Rod Show, what does every good Aussie Hot Rodder do? He goes to the pub of course!

This is early evening at the Botany View Hotel. I think the Whiteliners were playing that night.

With Matt's '32, Darren's Chev and my Rambler, there was a pretty good lineup out the front.