Aces & Eights Night Cruise

Here's a few of us at the Osborne Park Hotel. It was looking like a fair bit of rain was on the way, so only a few of us showed up. We had fun though and made it onto "Cruizin", Perth's best (only) car related TV show.

Thanks to Craig Clement for these pics.
Here's a bit of an arty shot. Don't know if Craig meant it that way or if he just likes shooting into the sun (something I usually try to avoid). The Galaxie belongs to a good mate of mine, Darryl. There's a few more pics of the car on the"My Mates" page.
Here's a shot of Sparky's EK Holden, it's now painted primer grey and awaiting some new scallops. Apparently it's the fastest EK Holden in the world (if you listen to Sparky that is;)
Another shot of the worlds fastest EK.
...and of course the worlds fastest Rambler. You didn't think I wasn't going to put a pic of my car up did you?

I quite like this shot, can't see the rust or any of the dents.

Thanks Craig :)

That's Sparky (pilot of the world's fastest EK) leaning on my car. I was wondering why the paint was peeling in that spot!